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Timesplitters 4

February 7, 2008


As you may already know Timesplitters 4 is in the making from Free Radical Design. Here I will be giving you as much as I possibly can about Timesplitters 4 All the insides and secrets I will post on this page. I will be telling you about some of the characters which are available. Also some art work which has been shared with the community by Free Radical Design. Comparing between the games, are we going to see to some of the same features that Timesplitters Future Perfect has ? or is it time to go back to the classic Timesplitters 2 with a few updates ? Hope you enjoy 😀 and leave comments if you wish.

Free Radical Design’s Quote

It’s back! Featuring even more crazy characters, devastating weapons and heart pounding hot sweaty action. It’s funny, it’s frantic and it’ll do things you’ve never seen before! No, not naked girls, even better than that! We can’t tell you the details yet, the monkeys have a loaded banana pressed against our skull, but this game will take the first person shooter to gaming nirvana. Save the world or die laughing, Timesplitters 4 is coming to getcha!

Character Revealed

See for yourself how much Jo-Beth Casey has changed her aesthetic appeal from Timesplitters Future Perfect’s fishnet stockings to brandishing a chainsaw in a blood-splattered nun’s get up for her appearance in the upcoming sequel Timesplitters 4. Thanks to the UK Official Playstaion Magazine they have captured the first character revealed to Timesplitters 4.

Jo-Beth Casey is the sort of girl we never seem to meet at parties. Last seen wearing fishnet stockings and a ‘SLUT’ T-shirt in Timesplitters Future Perfect, this worl exclusive art from the upcoming fourth game sees her transformed into a sexy chainsaw wielding nun with a torn, blood smeared habit.

Timesplitters 4 Teaser Trailer

Free Radical Design’s teaser trailer of Timesplitters 4. Yes I know, unfortunately its 27 seconds long =[ But lets be glad that Free Radical gave us something.

Timesplitters Wallpaper’s

Free Radical Design have designed some wallpaper’s which I think you can see for yourself what games they resemble.

But for copyright reason’s I have pasted the link below